Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fruit Pizza

                         Brownie 'n Berries Dessert Pizza (Gluten Free)

Oh my this look yummy!!
We have made sugar cookie and fruit pizza with cream cheese for years. My kids all just love it. I never have to worry about storing it, because there is never any left...we eat it up. Sugar cookie crust, spread on cream cheese and top with one can of fruit cocktail (drained), or fresh fruit if it's in season.

Leave it to Betty Crocker to come up with this new twist on one of our old favorites. I can't believe I didn't think of this. Brownie crust, cream cheese and fruit. Gonna try this tonight!
Bet I won't have to worry about storing any leftovers on this one either!
Note: This also works in a 9x13 rectangular pan and is a great take-along dessert.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Artsy Fun on an Old Building

I was driving thru Muskogee, OK a while back and noticed some interesting windows on an old building...I had to pull in and take a closer look.

That's a puppy in the first window, a kitty in the second and flowers in the third window.

It looks like the building was renovated and the old window openings were covered with plywood. Faux window scenes were painted on the plywood and bricks to create a unique look for this old building.
What a fun and whimsical idea!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yesterday's Decoupage - Today's Modpodge

I wanted to a share a few words of encouragement about Decoupage/Mod Podge for anyone who might be thinking of giving this crafty idea a try. Mom, Sis and I have been using this technique for years. I know Mod Podge has been around since 1967, but we always just used white Elmer's Glue mixed with water (50% glue to 50% water for homemade mod podge).

I recall once we redecorated my Grandma's bedroom when she was in the hospital. Mom found sheets that she knew Grandma would like (beige with a tiny bit of light green trim). Of course, Mom bought enough extra flat sheets to utilize her sewing skills for all kinds of additional accent pieces. Curtains, throw pillows, dresser scarf, etc...

We also used one full size flat sheet to make an accent wall in Grandma's freshly painted bedroom. That's right, we put our glue/water mixture in a wallpaper paste tray and in went the sheet. We soaked it good for 5 minutes or so and then used wall paper brushes to smooth it out ( it was messy, but we were prepared with drop cloths). We started at the top of the wall, with the top of the sheet, and let the top hem/boarder on the sheet be the boarder on our wall. We just smoothed it all down from there with a finished edge in the corner and a piece of corner trim where we had to cut about 6" off  one end.

It turned out very nice, it really tied the room together, and of course Grandma loved it!. Sorry, no photos...that was back in the 70's, before the digital age. Since then I have used mom's glue/water mixture with both fabric and paper, for a variety of projects, with much success. I have used it to cover light switch plate covers to coordinate with a specific theme. Decoupage is also a great way to up-cycle and or decorate sturdy old furniture. We even made gift boxes one year utilizing old Christmas cards and decoupage. I decoupaged a small lamp shade with scrapbook paper and finished it off with ribbon around the top and dangle bead trim around the bottom. Turned out great!

I am going to experiment with the Mod Podge brand, particularly one they have that gives a hi-gloss, glass-like finish. It's a bit pricy, but could be worth the investment on certain projects. But for my usual projects, like boxes, bowls, switch plate covers, lamp shades, etc... I'll stick with the Elmer's, it's much more economical. When working with cardboard's be careful not to use too much glue mixture,otherwise your cardboard could become saturated and warp, a little really goes a long way and you can always add more layers.  Chose a warm sunny day for your decoupage project. Drying time between coats of glue and layers of paper varies so plan accordingly for a successful crafting session.

Large cereal boxes, cut crosswise at a slant make wonderful magazine holders for a decoupage project. Use old book pages, unused music pages, colorful magazine pages in layers to make your boxes stiff and durable. Decoupage can be used to brighten up a jewelry box, cigar box, photo frame, flower pot, storage bin, lamp shade, bar stool, table, or any just about any other object you have around that needs a new, fresh look. Before applying any decoupage medium, make sure to clean and dry the object you wish to decorate. Being patient can really make the difference in how a project turns out...I like to wait overnight, giving the glue plenty of time to dry. Sometimes you have to add more glue/water paste to even things out (and let dry, again). I always finish with a couple of coats of a spray sealer to make my project more durable and easy to clean. If your just starting out, begin with something small. Why not turn an empty tissue box into handy storage for plastic grocery bags and with a little decoupage it will be durable and unique. The best's a water based process, so it's easy clean-up. If your first try doesn't turn big's just a box and some glue...and you will have gained valuable experience. The next one will be better. Give it a's really very easy!!