Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Spooky Halloween Tray"

Wanted to share the latest tray Renee made...and just in time for Halloween.

The "Spooky Halloween Tray" is made with Lost & Found paper featuring a skeleton head, spider web, potion bottles and an extra skeleton body -eekkk!  Extra Creepy!

 The glitter was already on the paper, but additional embellishments include (from top right corner going clockwise):  Miniature potion bottles and witch's brew  (sealed) are on the shelf up against potions and brew printed on the paper. A piece or ribbon resembling a web is in the right corner featuring an 8-legged friend!

Spiders galore on the next window with a stamp of a web in the left window and spider in his home.  A stamp of a more friendly spider -next to the real looking one on the paper -the calendar month viewing October featuring "All Hallow's Eve" in orange right next to the holiday's signature black cat. Wow, extraordinary detail!

The third, and bottom right opening, portrays the stamp "Quoth the Raven Nevermore..." Stamp and stickers saying 'forbidden, scary night and boo' with another creepy crawler.

Next, the focal point of the entire frame (located bottom left) is the skeleton head and cross bones where the stamp 'BOO' is placed.  Additional sticker embellishments saying various things including, 'turn back.'

Next opening wishes you a 'Happy Halloween'  and is stamped with a more whimsical spider and finally stamped with the important date of 'October 31st!'

Lastly the top left window of the tray is embellished skeleton keys and a sticker proclaiming, 'you put a spell on me' symbolizing the fun of the holiday altogether.
The outline of the tray has borders with skeleton heads, spiders and spider webs, black cats, and buttons and sequins galore! All topped off with a witch tag that simply says, 'fright.' 

Decorative handle is tied with raffia for a fall affect. Back of tray is flat with a bracket for hanging. Priced at $20.00 - this festive Halloween decor is a steal compared to trays with less detail.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Treat Bags

Aren't these Halloween gift bags just so cute. Beautifully embroidered felt bags with contrasting cotton backs/linings and ties or handles.

These two "cute-as-can-be" bags are made from screen material
and embellished with appliques, ribbons and lace.
Perfect to hold cookies or treats for your special someone.